The Gasser Foundation has contributed to many capital campaigns.

Queen of the Valley Hospital

The foundation has participated in two capital campaigns for the hospital. The current grant is one million dollars and will be completed in four years. The grants total $3,796,190 as of December 2016.

The Homeless Shelter

In 2005, the Gasser Foundation joined a collaborative effort with the City and County of Napa to address the needs of the homeless population in Napa County and the identified need for a homeless shelter. The Gasser Foundation provided the land necessary for building of a state-of-the-art shelter, worked with the governmental entities to obtain federal and state funding, and built the shelter. When complete, the foundation transferred title the county. The county then contracted with Community Action of Napa Valley to operate the facility. The grant totals $520,050 as of March 2013.

Justin Siena High School

The foundation has participated in two capital campaigns for Justin Siena. All grants to Justin Siena total $7,138,700 as of December 2016.

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St. Helena Hospital

The foundation is participating in a capital campaign for St. Helena Hospital. The grant totals $705,000 as of December 2015.

The Boys and Girls Club of Napa

The foundation is participated in a capital campaign for The Boys and Girls Club of Napa. The grant totals $823,800 as of December 2016. In 2015 the Gasser Foundation is granting $100,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of Napa in American Canyon.

The Napa Women’s Club

In years 2003, 2004, and 2005, the foundation made grants totaling $117,662 for the renovation of the historic building housing the Napa Women’s Club.

New Technology High School

In 1995 and 1996, The Gasser Foundation contributed a total of $100,000 to the Napa Valley Unified School District on behalf of New Technology Foundation in Napa to help with start-up costs. Later in 1998 and 1999, additional contributions were made to update computer equipment. The Gasser Foundation continues to support New Technology High School in the form of scholarships each year since 2000.

The Napa Valley Opera House

The foundation was first asked to help with the restoration of Napa Valley’s Opera House in 1986. The foundation wasn’t funded until 1989, but one of its earliest grants was a $50,000 matching fund grant to the Opera House in 1990. Matching grants were made over the years that total $1,025,875 as of December 2016.

Napa Valley Hospice

The foundation has supported hospice and its capital campaign through contributions totaling $644,400 as of December 2015. The campaign is intended to pay off the mortgage of their building, allowing them to continue their service to the entire Napa Valley with programs for patients, families, and their loved ones.  The foundation is now providing support for a new solar panels at their facility.