The Gasser Foundation is committed to the wellbeing of Napa County – its people and places. To that end, we support programs which enhance quality of life and sustain the environment. We encourage grant applications that build on current assets with public and private partnership approaches, especially those which improve access for the underserved in our community. Environmental sustainability guides the Foundation in all its undertakings. An important consideration for grants is that the recipient organization can demonstrate its ability to achieve sustainability beyond the life of our grant.

The Gasser Foundation uses a two-step process to evaluate requests for funding. The first step in requesting support is to submit a concept letter, asking for an invitation to apply. The Foundation accepts these letters throughout the year. Foundation staff reviews each letter to determine if a full proposal will be invited. If your organization is invited to submit a full proposal, guidelines will be sent outlining the proposal process. Once the full proposal is received, a deeper review is conducted by staff before the Board of Trustees makes a determination about funding. The members of the Board of Trustees convene to review proposals in November for the following grant cycle. However, emergency funding, by invitation only, will be considered throughout the year.